This week NBGI has graced us with not one, but two delectable Idolmaster trailers. Why, thank you, NBGI! That’s a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face… even the eternally-blue Chihaya Kisaragi!

 PS3 Idolmaster 2 Catalog No. 06 PV

The first is a promotional video for DLC that will be making its way to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Idolmaster 2 this Friday (March 30). Like we previously reported, most of Catalog No. 06’s content originate from episode 25 of the Idolmaster anime: insert song “Watashitachi wa Zutto… Desho?” (also known as “Itsumademo, Dokomademo” in the anime), the costume “Forever Star”, and performance stage “Eternal Big Tree”.

There is also a “Love Sign” amulet that gives you a different Burst Appeal animation (as seen in the video), as well as several costumes and accessory sets.  Head over to 4Gamer’s story for a look at all the drool-worthy wardrobe loveliness.


Imas G4U! (PS3) Play Video VOL.9

Then there’s volume 9 of the Idolmaster photography mini-game spin-off series Gravure 4 You. This new volume has a Yukata/sailor swimsuit theme, and puts the spotlight on cover girl Chihaya Kisaragi, as well as Ryo Akizuki from Idolmaster: Dearly Stars (Nintendo DS).

For those of you unfamiliar with Idolmaster: Dearly Stars, Ryo Akizuki is Ritsuko Akizuki’s cousin… and is actually a guy. Growing up, the ever-so-effeminate Ryo had often been mistaken for a girl. So he aspired to join show-business, believing that by becoming an idol he would one day develop boyish charms and become suave like Makoto (who, ironically, is a gal).

His wish was eventually granted when he joined talent agency 876 Productions, where Ryo was supposed to debut as a male idol. Unfortunately, when he went to understudy a female idol, said idol fell ill and Ryo was asked by his producer to perform in her place to resolve the situation. In the end, Ryo did his job so well that he was forced to debut as a female idol instead.

Don’t be fooled… it’s a trap!

But I digress. For those of you interested in the list of BGM tracks and backdrops included for this volume of G4U, check out 4Gamer’s story here.

Like previous volumes, Idolmaster Gravure 4 You! VOL.9 will be sold only as part of the “Anime & G4U! Pack VOL.9” bundle which also includes the ninth volume of the Idolmaster anime on Blu-Ray (episodes 24 and 25, plus an extra OVA episode that never aired on TV). A copy of the fictitious Idol Gravure Monthly magazine (月刊アイグラ!! VOL.9), plus several other premiums are also in the package.

Anime & G4U! Pack VOL.9 goes on sale in Japan on June 28, for the price of 9,980 yen.

Some screenshots from Gravure 4 You! VOL.9 (for more, go to 4Gamer’s gallery):

Source: 4Gamer



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