According to a leaked magazine scan, the insert song from episode 25 of the Idolmaster anime series, “Watashitachi wa Zutto… Desho?”, is making its way to Idolmaster 2 (PS3) as DLC next week.

This song is also known as “Itsumademo, Dokomademo”, which was a temporary working title for the song accidentally left unchanged in the anime series, due to miscommunication on Columbia Japan’s part. The title for the song was corrected when it was released as a track on The [email protected] [email protected] Master 07 CD.

Apart from the song itself, the costume featured in episode 25 – Forever Star – will also be available as DLC, as well as a number of other additional costume parts – we’ll find out more when Bandai Namco Games releases the official Idolmaster 2 March DLC trailer, which should be hitting the Internets sometime between now and next week. Do check back next week for the trailer.

Also coming next week: expect some sort of Idolmaster-related announcement from Anime Contents Expo 2012. Like we mentioned in the headline, Watashitachi wa Zutto… Desho?/Itsumademo, Dokomademo is the very last insert song from the Idolmaster anime series. And the DLC comes out one day before Anime Contents Expo 2012… coincidence much?

The DLC will hit the PS3 version of Idolmaster on March 30. It is unknown if Xbox 360 users will be able to purchase the content for use in Idolmaster 2 on Microsoft’s platform (certain DLC items are PS3-exclusive).

“Watashitachi wa Zutto… Desho? (We’re Forever… Right?)”

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