A new Hatsune Miku rhythm action game from Project Diva publisher Sega is coming to the iOS! Gamer.ne reports that Miku Flick will be released on the Japanese iTunes App Store on March 9, also known as Miku’s Day, for 1,200 yen.

In Miku Flick, players will tap and flick on a Japanese-style virtual keyboard and type out the lyrics of well-loved Vocaloid songs (such as “Stargazer” and “World is Mine”) to the beat.

Tapping any of the virtual keys on your iPhone is good enough for first-vowel consonants like “a”, “ka”, “sa”, and “ta”. But to access the syllables “ki”, “ku”, “ke” and “ko” you will need to tap “ka” and flick to the left, upwards, right, or downwards respectively.

As an example, one of the screenshots shows what appears to be a line from World is Mine, requiring the player to type in “i de” just as Miku is about to sing those syllables. To accomplish this, you first tap on the key for “a” and flick to the left, then tap on “ta” and flick to the right – in two quick, successive strokes.

Due to the nature of the game, a basic understanding of Japanese Hiragana may actually be required to play Miku Flick. Although from the screenshots it sure looks there are markers on the virtual keyboard to help players who may not be able to pinpoint the right Kana in the nick of time.

Miku Flick supports the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (4th generation), iPad, and the iPad 2. For more information, head over to Sega’s official site.

Source: Gamer.ne



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