Capcom just unveiled several new character “arrange costumes” (that’s Engrish for “alternate costumes”) for Street Fighter X Tekken at the grand finals of the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver.2012  3v3 national tournament in Japan, streamed live on Nico Nico Douga right now.

Tekken side:
-Asuka (cosplaying as Ibuki)
-Lili (as Poison)
-Paul (as… Blanka?)
-Law (as Fei Long
-Xiaoyu (as Chun Li)
-Jin (erm… no idea; let us know in the comments)
-Ogre (as Gill)

Street Fighter side:
-Vega/Claw (as… again, let us know in the comments)
-Balrog/Boxer (as Steve)
-M.Bison/Dictator (as Yoshimitsu)
-Juri (don’t know this one either)
-Akuma (as Heihachi)

But that’s not all; on the stream Capcom also announced that they will be collaborating with Godsgarden on a Street Fighter X Tekken tournament very soon. We’ll bring you more details on the new arrange costumes as well as the Godsgarden tournament when they are made available.

Source: Jin’s My Game New Flash


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