Catch Singapore’s finest SoulCalibur players in action at E2Max from now to 12midnight today, as they vie for a chance to represent our sunny island in the grand finals of SoulCalibur Impact 2012, a global SoulCalibur V tournament to be held in Newcastle, London on March 17.

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The action is fiercer, Pyrrha’s 236+B stab move more visceral if you catch it live at E2Max, of course. And there are free-play SoulCalibur V terminals for folks to try the game, or (if you’re familiar with the game) play some casual matches with members of the community too.

But if you can’t make it to the event venue, local SoulCalibur community and co-organiser of the tournament (in conjunction with Namco Bandai Partners Singapore) “Soul Singapore” has got your back: they’re streaming the tournament live.

Top 8 starts from 7.30PM, and for everything else you can refer to the event schedule posted here.

This is the first time Namco Bandai Partners Singapore has worked with a local games community to organise a fighting game tournament of this scale.

“Fighting games have always been a key part of Namco Bandai’s business and with important franchises such as Soul Calibur and Tekken under our belt, our next steps are to grow these licenses organically,” said Mr Kelvin Seah, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Namco Bandai Partners Singapore.

“We have seen the passion and dedication of the local gaming community, and are fully committed to raising the profile of Singapore’s gaming scene and giving it the support and attention it deserves.”


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