Perfume has been making waves throughout Japan with their electro-pop tunes and catchy dance moves, and has gathered enough attention to host this year’s MTV Video Music Awards Japan.

MTV Video Music Awards is an international award show held yearly where voters and/or fans can vote for their favorite artist’s music videos.

The show will be held in Chiba at Makuhari Messe Hall on June 23rd, and it is its eleventh year in Japan, with performances by domestic and international artists.

Also just a few weeks ago, Perfume announced that they will be going global, after changing their record company from Tokuma Japan Communications to Universal J, the Japanese division of Universal Music.

“We want to sell the package as they are now,” said Kimitaka Kato, managing director of Universal International at the label’s Japanese division.

“I won’t get them to sing 100 percent in English and not Westernize them at all unless they ask us to,” he continued. “I think with Perfume it’s all about that futuristic Japanese image.”

He accurately described Perfume as, “mysterious, futuristic, robotic, doll-type girls, well choreographed with laser beams,” and said that UMG will be playing off of that image.

They’ll be starting slowly with Perfume, first promoting the girls in Asia, before heading out on a “small showcase tour” in other territories.

Perfume will also be releasing their latest single, ‘Spring of Life’, on April 11 under their new label. CDJapan’s pre-orders of Perfume’s First Press limited edition of the single were sold out merely 2 days after its release.

In addition to updating their official website, Perfume has launched an official global website aimed at overseas fans.  The global site features an interactive page where you can pan 3D dancers made out of Triangles, presumably using Perfume as a template. The site also features tweets using the Twitter hashtag #Perfume_um. The official Perfume facebook page has also been released.


The group has launched an official YouTube channel. The Kirin website also has video clips of the new Hyoketsu commercial and some making-of footage.

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