Remember our interview with the trio when they were here in Singapore to perform at *Scape Warehouse? Well, here’s the special interview we have prepared at last.

Some questions were obtained from our question submission campaign earlier in the year.

1) After touring around Asian countries for your performances, what are your thoughts?
Gero: after being invited to Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore to perform, I am very grateful to find that our music is very much appreciated in those regions too.

2) What is the difference between having a concert here and in Japan?
Gero: The atmosphere. Because outside Japan, I don’t know how fans will react to our performances. It was a little worrisome, but thankfully everything turned out fine.

3) What are the qualities needed to be a good singer?
Dasoku:  At present, there are a lot of Vocaloid songs and many fans are singing them. I suggest practice singing those songs, then listen to yourself. From there you can pin-point the parts where you are weak at, and you can work on improving them.

4) Is it possible to train up your voice to a professional level without any prior talents?
Dasoku:  I do believe it can be achieved.

5) What is the next song that you like to cover?
Dasoku: It’s a new song called “Kuroneko kei  jyoushi”

6) As a cosplayer who has attended may overseas events, what are your thoughts?
KANAME☆:  I never put much thought into it, but I’ll like to say it is kind of scary?  Of course I’m grateful to be invited to overseas events. It is the preparation that I need to make. If it is inJapan, prep is simpler. But for overseas, I need to make sure I have everything I need or else things will get complicated.

7) How long does it take to make a costume?
KANAME☆:  depending on the character and the research I put into it. Roughly around 2 to 3 months?

8) Do tell us how your names were chosen or came about.
Gero: When we were recording Jam Projects’s  “Gong” there were 6 of us and we each have our own lines to sing. They will suddenly cut us off after we sang our parts and I find it rather tough and frustrating. It feels like you’re going to puke. Hence, the name “gero” came about for me..*laughs* sorry to have picked such a disgusting name.
Dasoku :  as for my name, dasoku its actually an idiom means “doing unnecessary” things. It fits my personality well.

9) If nico nico douga was never created, what would your lives be as of now?
Gero/Dasoku: Well I guess we be just working in jobs like every other person.

10) As a singer how do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
Gero/Dasoku: at present, I feel new anime songs and such are always coming out and I see no end to it. Which means I still see ourselves singing in 10 years’ time

11) What is the household chore you best at?
Gero : Cleaning.
KANAME☆:  I don’t have a particular skill in household chore but I can cook.
Dasoku: I don’t dislike doing housework but I usually avoid or try to put off doing them.

12)  What is your thoughts on coming back this time not as a cosplayer but as a singer?
KANAME☆:  To be honest, even though it feels like AFA, I see it as venturing into unknown territory as a challenge to myself.

13) When you go on tours where do you leave Moka chan? (moka is a cat Dasoku owns)
Dasoku: I leave my house keys to a colleague of mine from my workplace to take care of moka

14) In Singapore, we have our own ‘gero chan’ which is the Merlion. Would you like to adopt it as your mascot? (‘gero’ means ‘puke’ in Japanese)
Gero : Really!?  I like to adopt it as my mascot but is it legal? I may be banned from entering the country you know *laughs*




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