Just one more day to the release of Street Fighter X Tekken! Still on the fence on whether or not you should pick up Street Fighter X Tekken? Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick look at Online Pair Play and Briefing Room – co-op features that let you fight alongside your friends, rather than against them like in past installments.

Briefing Room

Briefing Room is basically the offline training mode made available online for two players. Notice that the Briefing Room is greyed out initially. To get into Briefing Room, you first have to find a tag team partner through the Network Play menu. You can either search for other folks interested in forming a team, or invite someone on your friends’ list.

After you form a team, you can go and search for ranked matches or endless-play lobbies as per usual (you can form teams from within lobbies, too, by the way).

Over here in the video we chose to go straight into Briefing Room, and turn Fight Request on, so that we can get some training done while the game is busy matching us up with some ranked match opponents.

Briefing Room is useful for all sorts of things: like if you want to show a friend a cool combo you just concocted, coordinate your fight tactics, or just to get yourselves warmed up before a ranked match.

In my case, I taught ChildeAbaddon, a stranger I originally met online in a Street Fighter X Tekken ranked match, how to do the wavedash for Kazuya (this wasn’t recorded; but at 6:00 you can see the both of us doing random Kazuya wave-dashes).

Unfortunately when this video was recorded, there were barely any players online, which is why you’re seeing nothing but nine whole minutes of us messing around.

For those of you curious to find out just how well Online Pair Play stacks up, I’ve prepared another video, as follows:

Online Pair Play (Fight Request with Ranked Matches)

In this video, GameSpot Asia’s Jonathan Leo Toyad (MrToffee_Asia) and I (KIRBYSIM) show off some moves (Zangief and Jin Kazama, respectively) in tag-team battles against random stragglers in ranked matches. I’ll leave you to admire our extraordinary Street Fighting skill (NOT) and fantastic teamwork at your own leisure.

All I have to say is “we kicked tail”. Although I did cause our team to lose in one match because I refused to tag out (which is why I was apologising in the video).

Do note that when doing Online Pair Play, only the player who’s actively fighting on screen can tag his partner out through the normal method: by hitting MP+MK.

However, if you’re benched and your partner who’s fighting on screen refuses to tag out, you can force him to do a Cross Cancel by pressing MP+MK at the cost of one-third of your super meter. The  Tutorial section in Street Fighter X Tekken has more information on how Cross Cancels work, but if you’ve played Street Fighter IV before, basically they’re similar to FADCs (Focus Attack Dash Cancels).

As you can see from the footage, the online experience is pretty smooth in general. I’ve played some completely lag-free matches against Hong Kong players online as well – though this was not recorded.

A note to PS3 players reading this, please, please install the game to minimise load times for everyone. Also if your PS3 is  on a wireless connection, consider using a wired one (if possible) which may improve your online experience.

And that’s all we have for you today!

Do check back with us again tomorrow for a Day-One Survival Guide to Street Fighter X Tekken – we’ll tell you what are the things you have to note and brush up for before you head into Ranked Match online, with some advise both for complete beginners, as well as Street Fighter IV veterans.

Also, stay tuned to GameSpot Asia and the .asia blog for some exciting Street Fighter X Tekken coverage that will be coming up on the site very shortly.



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