In his latest entry on Capcom Japan’s official Street Fighter X Tekken blog, assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano announced that the development team is currently working on a patch (or possibly, several patches) that will address – among other game glitches – sound effects and voices not playing back correctly during online matches, infinite combos for a subset of the cast, and a glitch where certain characters are frozen in place after activating a Quick Combo.

The development team is currently looking into the causes behind infinite combos and the Quick Combo glitch. Both issues will be fixed accordingly.

As for sound effects and voices not playing back correctly, Ayano AP once again explains that the audio glitch has to do with the way the netcode is written – sound effects are sometimes cut off during “roll-backs” that allow multiple players to connect to one another with minimal lag (KarbyP’s note: this is similar to GGPO technology, which was implemented in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition) – and that the team will do its best to improve the online experience with regards to audio.

The audio issues were the topic of discussion in Ayano AP’s previous blog post last week. As a minor update, he says that the team should be ready to announce a release date for a patch in mid-April.

Apart from the bug-related announcements, Ayano AP also urges Street Fighter X Tekken players to check out the official Capcom USA blog next Tuesday, March 20 at 8AM Japan time (7AM Singapore time) where some additional Street Fighter X Tekken game elements (probably DLC) will be unveiled.

Kuro’s infinite loop should be a thing of the past once the game gets patched. Screenshot taken from this video by the venerable Desk.



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