Just moments ago, there was a press conference going on for Anime Festival Asia – Malaysia. What new artistes and programs can we expect from the event?

The ‘I Love Anisong’ segment of Anime Festival Asia has always been one of the main highlights of the event. Now available to fans in Malaysia, here are some of the artistes that will be performing:


Having performed in Singapore twice, including at the previous Anime Festival Asia, FLOW is set to rock the I Love Anisong segment with tunes from anime series such as Naruto, Eureka Seven, Code Geass and many more. FLOW  has released over 23 singles, 7 albums and 3 compilations since their début in 1998. They have also performed at several anime conventions in USA.


 No stranger to Anison fans and Visual Novel gamers out there, KOTOKO has been performing since 1999 as part of the I’ve Sound music production group.Since then, she has sung for numerous Visual Novel games such as Muv Luv Alternative and fighting games such as Blazblue.

KOTOKO has also sang for anime titles such as Shakugan no Shana, Hayate the Combat ButlerOnegai Teacher, Kannazuki no Miko and most recently, Accel World. With 17 singles and 5 albums under her belt since she joined Geneon in 2004, there’s bound to be a song any Anison fan can relate to, and love.

Maon Kurosaki

Maon Kurosaki has been active in the Anison scene of late, ever since her first album release, “H.O.T.D” from the anime adaptation of Highschool of the Dead. Her subsequent first single, “Magic∞World” got her into 20th place in oricon weekly charts, an achievement of a start-out Anison singer. “Magic∞World” was sung for the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index II.  She had her first one-man “live” in Harajuku last year, as well  as  performing at Animelo 2011, which is considered as the biggest Anison concert in Japan. With Move’s Mototaka “Motsu” Segawa and fripside’s Satoshi “Sat” Yaginuma, Kurosaki formed the band Altima, of which they have produced for both ending themes of Shakugan no Shana Final.


 Originally created to sing for the anime adaptation of Type Moon’s  Kara no Kyoukai – Garden  of Sinners- which began in 2008, the trio continued to sing the opening and ending theme songs for anime such as KuroshitsujiSora no Oto, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and more recently, Fate/Zero. They have also performed numerous one-man “lives” within Japan and several large ones such as Animelo and Animax Musix.


The following was taken from AFA MY’s official site:

“From Anime Festival Asia’s very own Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe comes the latest Anisong idol unit to debut in Japan, Sea☆A! Made up of Winnie, Beryl, Valerie and Estelle, Sea☆A hopes to capture the hearts and minds of anime fans, both in Japan and overseas, with their own special brand of appeal.

Their first single, Dream Shooter, has been featured as the third ending theme of the hit TV anime, ‘Cardfight!! Vanguard’. Their next single, ‘DELI-DELI☆DELICIOUS’, will be the ending theme of Toriko. Last November, the girls performed at the prestigious Animax Musix 2011, in Yokohama Arena, alongside names such as May’n, Shoko Nakagawa and angela.

Their latest single, “Friendship Birthday -Arashi no Yoru ni-” is the opening theme of the animated TV series “Arashi no Yoru ni -Himitsu no Tomodachi-” (“One Stormy Night – Secret Friends “). Not ony has the show started its broadcast in Japan, it will be shown in over fifteen countries in the Asia, Europe, North and South America! The song also marks the first time any Anisong artiste recorded the same song in Japanese, English and Chinese.

The name Sea☆A is made of three parts. SEA is short for South-East Asia, as all four members who come from South-East Asia. The star represents the stars that they hope to be. And finally, A is for their passion for Japanese anime and the wish to spread their songs throughout Asia with their activities.”

We feel that the quartet have great potential, and can only get better. After performing in Singapore during AFA11, it is great that they are able to perform in Malaysia as well, since it is Winnie’s hometown.

Following up are the other distinguished guests that will grace AFA MY.

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
President, Production I.G

Formally from Tatsunoko Production, Ishikawa went on to establish his own company and produced many game works and animations.

His many notable works include Ghost in the Shell, otherwise known as Koukaku Kidoutai in Japanese.  The animation, which was produced in 1995, ranked 1st on the U.S. Billboard charts, and was the herald for many anime titles to come. Other award-winning animations include Innocence (2004), and one of his works, BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE (2000), was reference to documentary film Last Blood in 2009.

Danny Choo
AFA host

There isn’t a person who has attended Anime Festival Asia who hasn’t known Danny. In addition to his blogs, he runs MIRAI Inc., an Internet solutions provider, and produces and hosts Culture Japan, a weekly program on Japanese culture on Tokyo MX. He will be the official host of AFA MY for many of its main stage segments.

AFA Cosplay Ambassador

Easily one of the most popular male cosplayers in the world, KANAME☆ pulls off the characters he cosplays with striking resemblance every time, having cosplayed Ichigo from Bleach, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Benten from Zone 00, amongst many other characters. A magnet for fangirls and (some) fanboys alike, he is set to appear in AFA MY this time.

Other attractions include the following:

Ultraman Zone

Ultraman Live Show 2012 will take place during the Anime Festival Asia Malaysia. It will be a big blast for all the Ultraman fans, come and be the first to watch it ‘LIVE’ In Malaysia.

Fans of nostalgia might want to lap this up, we think.

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café

After going back to the basics in AFA11 to bring out the cafe’s original theme of “Moe 萌え”, Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe is heading to AFA Malaysia this June. Can we expect some of the original MMK maids from 2009 to make an appearance there?

Atelier Royale Butler Café

This summer, Atelier Royale Café will grace the very first Anime Festival Asia Malaysia. From what we at SGCafe know, Malaysian guys are better at grooming themselves to look better. Perhaps standards will be higher than usual? Only the fangirls – and us – will find out. 


The brainchild of Danny Choo, Moekana is a set of cards that helps to teach the basic Japanese syllables and their symbols, hiragana. Learning Japanese will be more fun and intuitive, unlike those place cards that students use to remember Japanese vocabulary. 

Regional Cosplay Championship Malaysia Preliminary 2012

The most coveted cosplay competition in Southeast Asia (aside from the worldwide World Cosplay Summit) is back, and this time preliminaries are held earlier, thanks to AFA MY. Which team will be chosen to represent Malaysia in the finals in Singapore? What we know is that standards will only be higher, as cosplayers don’t just look like their character, they come up with interesting and engaging scenarios to gather points for the best cosplay team in Southeast Asia! 


No details yet for Bushiroad, but we believe more details will be updated in the near future. 


For the full details, please visit the link here.

Source: AFA MY 


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