Update: A tweet from the event’s official twitter account has clarified that the opening movie MasatakaP is working on will be showcased during Windows Developer Days’ keynote address on the second day, Wednesday (April 25), and not on Tuesday as we previously thought. We’re still trying to ascertain if Hatsune Miku will be involved.

Update No.2: MasatakaP has confirmed to us on Twitter that the WDD 2nd Day keynote opening video that he’s working on will, in fact, not feature Hatsune Miku. However, minutes after, the talented MMD maker and director also tweeted that he feels compelled to make another PV starring Miku-san, so we may be seeing a new Miku MMD from him soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Original story: Two renowned Vocaloid producers – music composer Treow and Miku Miku Dance (MMD) video maker MasatakaP – have revealed through their respective twitter accounts that they’ve been commissioned to work on an opening song (Treow) and accompanying music video (MasatakaP) for Microsoft Japan’s Windows Developer Days event next week, to be held on April 24 and 25.

Treow and MasatakaP are best known for their Hatsune Miku videos (two of which are appended at the end of this post). So chances are, this is a Miku song and music video they’re working on.

But there’s no guarantee that everyone’s favourite virtual idol will actually grace the event – Miku’s name was not mentioned in the tweets.

It should be noted, however, that long before there was Hatsune Miku X Google Chrome, there was Hatsune Miku X Microsoft’s Nico Nico Messe (a version of Windows Messenger that played Nico Douga videos).


So, will Hatsune Miku be opening for Microsoft Japan’s Windows Developer Days event? Chances are, yes… but until there’s official confirmation, don’t get your hopes up.

We’ll find out for sure next Tuesday Wednesday. Hopefully Microsoft will stream the opening on the Web.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look at some of Treow and MasatakaP’s handiwork:

Directed by MASATAKA


Music: Treow (looks like this video was directed by Masataka too)

Source: Hachima



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