Like we previously reported, this month Nippon Columbia is releasing a series of five CD singles based on the characters of Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, a trading card-esque social game for smartphones and feature phones that does not actually feature a single line of voiced dialogue (other than in the TV commercial, of course).

Of the five characters, only two of them are attached to renowned voice actresses – Kaede Takagaki is played by Saori Hayami (Love Plus’s Manaka Takane), while Anzu Futaba is played by Igarashi Hiromi (Papa no Iukoto Kikinasai’s Hina Takanashi). The rest of the cast appears to be voiced by newcomers.

So, how do they stack up against the regular Idolmaster members? This week we finally get to find out, as Nippon Columbia has uploaded some sample clips on the Idolmaster Cinderella Master official website.

Go to and click on the CD cover of the idol whose song you’d like to sample. Then let us know what you think of these new idols, via the comments below. Should Nippon Columbia release more Idolmaster Cinderella Master CDs?

Of the five, Kaede Takagaki’s my favourite. Who’s yours?

Source: Idolmaster official blog


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