This is one up-and-coming Anison singer you ought to look out for: 15-year-old Konomi Suzuki debuts this month with the CD single “Choir Jail”, the opening theme for the anime series Tasogare Otome X Amnesia (also known as: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia), which began airing in Japan this past Monday..

Konomi Suzuki was the winner of the 5th All-Japan Anison Grand Prix last year, beating 10,233 other hopefuls for a chance to be produced as an Anison artiste, under renowned lyricist Aki Hata’s watchful eye. Hata – the lyricist behind Idolmaster’s “Watashitachi wa Zutto… Desho?” – also wrote the lyrics to Choir Jail.

At a press conference where both were present, Hata said that her first impression of Suzuki was one of “an adorable girl with barely any defence mechanisms. But soon she was able to stand for herself and take flight, with the vivacity of a cheerful little chick (laughs).”

“Because of that cheeriness I gave a lot of thought on how to bring out the sorrowful melancholy of the song from her, since it didn’t quite match up with her natural personality,” Hata continued, delving a little into her process with writing the Choir Jail’s lyrics.

As for Suzuki, the young artiste says that she found the lyrics “to be immensely profound and well-steeped in Amnesia’s universe.”

“It’s a song that one can sing to bring out and express the innermost hopes and dreams that lay dormant in one’s heart.”

When asked if she has any artistes in particular that she looks up to, Suzuki said: “”I’m a big fan of May’n-san! The other day I was finally able to attend one of her live concerts for the very first time, and it left a very deep impression in me… If I could ever sing as well as her I’ll definitely try my best to!”

Konomi Suzuki’s debut single comes out in Japan on April 25, to be sold for 1,260 yen.

Here’s a clip of her performing Choir Jail on-stage at Anime Contents Expo earlier this month:

Source: Web Newtype


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