Max Payne 3 is coming out next month. In the meantime, to get gamers reacquinted with the bullet-time shooter’s titular star, Rockstar Games has released Max Payne Mobile, a reworked iteration of the first game that features optimised (and customisible) touchscreen controls.

According to the press release, “Max Payne Mobile offers a full suite of camera and aiming options tailored to many different skill levels and preferences, providing addictive pick-up-and-play for casual players, while still retaining the precision and unmistakable Max Payne feel that fans remember. Speed, aiming settings, sensitivity and button layouts are customizable.”

Good to know that you’ll be able to adjust the virtual buttons around any which way. If you’ve ever tried to play a shooter on the iPhone or the iPad, you’ll know exactly how annoying certain games can be when they force you to tap on very specific portions of the screen to shoot or reload. From the options menu you can also show/hide virtual joysticks, enable aim assist, and turn on “tap to shoot” or”tap to jump” features.

Originally released in 2001, Max Payne was the first video game to bring  “bullet time” into the medium. Yes, the Matrix movies may have been the progenitor for bullet time, but Max Payne let gamers wield bullet time as if they were The One. It empowered gamers. As such its contribution to the realm of special effects is infinitely more substantial. In the KarbyP book of world events, anyway.


Max Payne Mobile is available now on the iTunes app store, priced at a humble S$2.99 and compatible with all iPads, any any iPhone/iPod touch from 3GS or 3rd Generation and up.

An Android version of the app is scheduled to release on April 26.



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