Hatsune Miku’s hit song, “Tell Your World”, may not be available for digital purchasing in the iTunes store for users in Asia (outside of Japan) – it never will, unless Apple finally decides to extend iTunes music store access to all of us over here residing in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and our neighbouring countries.

But at least now there’s a way to officially buy some Miku loveliness for your iOS device: Sega has released the “English” version of Miku Flick for global audiences in the app store this week.

“English”…? Don’t worry, folks, the songs themselves are still in Japanese. There’s no funky dubbing business to deal with here. Just menus that are completely in English, and an option to swap out the Japanese keyboard input method in the game for a “Romanized Lettering” (aka: Romaji) variation.

For a full list of songs and modes, check out Miku Flick’s official homepage.

If you have a Singapore iTunes account (that’s the one I’ve got logged into my iPhone right now), the app will run you S$13.99. International readers, feel free to let us know how much Miku Flick is priced at in your region.

Miku Flick is compatible with the following devices (must be running on iOS 4.3 or above): iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and all versions of the iPad.

Source: MikuFlick Official Site|Hatsune Miku comes to the iPhone! via Japanator.



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