As part of a “Bakemonogatari Nisemonogatari in Namco Namja Town” collaboration, the East Ikebukuro theme park will be serving up an entire menu of food items inspired by Nisio Isin’s anime and light novel series, for a limited time period between May 18 and July 8.

Yesterday, Namja Town revealed two of the items that will appear on the special menu via tiny thumbnail images on their homepage: a Bakemonogatari-themed cold dessert, and a Nisemonogatari hot sandwich. has the scoop (pun unintended) and bigger pictures.

Ararararagi-san! Soft Cream Parfait desu yo! (tentative title)

“Fire Sisters’ Sunny-Side-Up Hot Sandwich” (tentative title)
Original: “Fire Sisters no Medamayaki Hotto Sando”

You might wanna stop by if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan during those dates!

偽物語 化物語 in ナムコ・ナンジャタウン.

「偽物語 化物語 in ナムコ・ナンジャタウン」が5月18日より開催決定!一部オリジナルデザート&フードを紹介|Gamer



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