When you mess with time travel, time travel messes with you – that’s one lesson the Academic’s professors clearly never taught her. A lesson the rest of us know all too well, owing to the wonderful world of anime.

But I digress. Meet the Academic, a brand new profession that’ll be unlocked in Dragon Nest SEA come Tuesday (April 24). A time traveller who hails from Lagendia fifty years in the future, she’s been sent back in time on a mission to rewrite history and prevent a doomsday scenario.

During the course of time travel an unknown accident occurred, causing the Academic’s physique to regress back to when she was a young sapling.

But if you think that’ll make the Academic a push-over in combat, well, don’t judge this bookish gal by her cover; check out the giant cannon she’s packing! Players also have the option to equip a Bubble Gun.

Apart from being well-versed in ranged combat, this expert strategist can also demolish multiple enemies at a go with area-of-effect (AOE) attacks, and summon her loyal robo-buddy Alfredo to act as a tank, perform crowd-control duties, or simply to further increase this class’ damage-per-second (DPS) potential.

“The introduction of the Academic gives players a whole new level of game play,” said Mr Addison Kang, Vice-President and Producer of Shanda Games International, who described the Academic as a versatile class with a unique skill set that makes her an ideal tanker or healer in a party.

Two sub-class specialisations are available when the Academic reaches level 15: the offensive-oriented Engineer gives you increased damage output and the ability to summon multiple Mechaduck familiars, while the Alchemist is an all-rounder armed with elemental attacks and healing buffs for your team-mates.

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Oh, and just in case you’re deeply invested in Dragon Nest’s lore, here’s a brief synopsis of the Academic’s back-story.

From the press release:

The Academic class hails from the future, at a time where Lagendia has been completely destroyed by the evil Red Dragon. Many of the great heroes have perished in the great battle, and survivors are few and far between.

Feelings of despair and hopelessness run rampant in the lands, and survivors decide to abandon their current world and create a new one, to prevent the imminent destruction and death. In order to do so, they will need to go back in time to save Prophet Rose and activate Goddess Altea’s Monolith.

Spearheading the mission is Academic Jasmine, the Chief Developer of Berlin Corporation and the granddaughter of Kelvin and Lily. After fixing her grandfather’s Apocalypse airship, which is capable of travelling through time and space, she sends her younger sister (Playable Character) to the past, to complete the mission of creating a new world.

However, during the course of the time travel, Academic Jasmine’s sister is struck by an unknown accident and she ends up in current Lagendia. Having travelled 50 years backwards, to the present time, her physical form has taken on that of a child.

Now in order to save Lagendia from its impending future, Academic Jasmine’s sister will have to unravel which time period she has ended up in and race to save the prophet to complete her mission. Her only means of communication with Jasmine, who is in the future, is the Academic Station.

With Lagendia on the brink of chaos, time is of the essence. Now young Academic, the future of Lagendia is in your hands! Go forth and light the beacon of hope for the people of the future!


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