Like we reported earlier this morning on our Facebook page, Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva (working title) is coming to the PlayStation Vita Summer 2012, and will subsequently make its way to the PS3 in 2013.

Now we have the scans to prove it! Update: and now with pictures of Hatsune Miku Emerald and Megurine Ruka Ruby modules!

Staff from both the Project Diva Arcade and Project Diva (PSP) development teams have converged to work on this title. Sega’s Seiji Hayashi, who’s overseen development on the entire series, will serve as Producer for this game, while Project Diva Arcade’s Makoto Osaki will serve as R&D Producer.

Gameplay-wise, Next Hatsune Miku won’t be too different from previous titles. That said, the game will make use of the Vita’s capacitive touchscreen: rubbing on it during specific “Chance Time” segments of a song will allow you to continue your combo and earn bonus points.

Three songs and two modules were unveiled in Weekly Famitsu (which goes on sale in Japan tomorrow):

Catfood (doriko)
Pierretta (nezuki)
World’s End Dancehall (wowaka)

Hatsune Miku Emerald
Megurine Ruka Ruby

For the following scans, click on them for a closer look:

Sega is set to unveil the game officially tomorrow afternoon at 1PM Japan time (12noon Singapore time). Check back with us then for more details.

Source: Hachima


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