Mass Effect: Resurgence Pack expands on the game’s “Galaxy at War” multiplayer component with six new characters, two additional maps and three new weapons.

And it won’t cost you a single penny – unless you decide to pay actual money for the character/equipment unlock packs, of course. Instead of redeeming them through fake Monopoly galactic money.

Kudos, Bioware, for giving your fans something to play with while they wait for Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut.

Currently, the undisputable top three characters to play as in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer are the Salarian Engineer, Salarian Infiltrator and Asari Adept.

But judging just from the trailer alone it looks like the Geth characters (Infiltrator, Engineer) and the Asari Justicar Adept might just give those current favourites a run for their credits. The Krogan Vanguard might be a strong contender, too.

We’ll find out when the free DLC pack comes out on April 10, available for all the platforms (Xbox 360, PC, PS3) Mass Effect 3 is on. A patch for various system glitches will also be released around the same period.

In the meantime, better level up your characters during this weekend’s Operation: Beachhead in-game event – there’s a 25% EXP bonus – so you can start using the new ones at level 20 as soon as they’re released!

Source: Bioware blog


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