Sega may have had a terrible fiscal year in 2011, forcing them to do some corporate restructuring in their American and European offices.

But none of that bad news appears to have affected their development studios over in Japan – in particular the Hatsune Miku Project Diva & Mirai team, who announced on their blog today (well, the announcement is dated tomorrow, since it’s technically April 9 in Japan now) that they will be ready to unveil a new project later this week on April 12. You can check out a teaser image at the new project’s official home page here.

Will it be a new Project Diva? Perhaps one on the PS Vita (the 3G version of which is launching in Singapore this Saturday)? It can’t possibly be another 3DS game so soon, right?

Could it be related to the Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva teaser video that was published on Christmas Eve last year?


Any good guesses? (Let us know in the comments, either below or via our Facebook page). And do check back with us on Thursday, April 12, for the answer.

Please, whatever it is, please don’t let it be another iOS app. At least let it be an Android one.

Source: Shuukan Diva Station



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