The new Hatsune Miku game Sega is set to reveal this Thursday could be for the PS3, if a recent trademark filing that the Project Diva publisher made is to be believed. Here are the titles registered in the filing:

MJ Salon
Hatsune Miku virtual LIVE featuring maimai
Hatsune Mku -Project DIVA- complete HD Ver.
Hageshii KAZAAAN!!

So chances are the new game will be either a complete HD version of Project Diva (likely on the PS3), or something to do with that maimai game we reported on a while back – this could either be the maimai arcade game being rebranded, or adapted for a gaming device that has a touchscreen interface (PS Vita, 3DS, or smartphones).

Place your bets, ladies and gents, what’s the new game gonna be?

Source: Hachimaki


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