Not too long ago we heard that Sunrise’s Tiger & Bunny was headed to the big screens. Today, thanks to a leaked magazine scan, we’re learning that it’s also headed for the small screen: as a PSP game!

Players take control of Wild Tiger in this “TV Show Action” game on the PSP where you’ll go on dangerous missions while being filmed on live TV in Tiger & Bunny’s unique setting: superheroes participate in a reality TV show and compete with one another to earn points, in order to appease each hero’s sponsors.

The scenarios in this game mostly follow after those depicted in the anime series, according to the leaked Dengeki magazine scan. However, if you do well on missions, and appeal to your fans every chance you get, you just might be able to make Wild Tiger the King of Heroes – something that never happened in the original anime series.

Tiger & Bunny On-Air Jack is scheduled for a 2012 Autumn release on the PSP. Not much else is known about this game, except that the dialogue will be fully-voiced.


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