Kyoto Animation has put up a stop-motion animated video on its homepage unveiling Tsumugi Kotobuki as the fourth entry in its “Movie K-On! Singing!” KyoAni SD Figure series. Preorders to start on KyoAni’s offiial web store at 6.30PM Japan time today, April 7.


No pricing information for SD “Mugi” was given, but it will probably be sold at the same price as the other members in the SD K-On! cast: 3,500 yen. Past installments in this particular line of SD figures include Yui (entry #1), Ritsu (#2), and Mio (#3).

Although KyoAni is no longer accepting preorders for Yui, you can still put in your preorder for Mio and Ritsu (until April 30) at the company’s web store.

One more to go (Azunyan) before the set is complete!

The many faces of SD Mugi.

Source: KyoAni homepage



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