When Sega opened its official website for Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva, I thought it weird that there was no PV trailer released. As it turns out, Sega was just holding out on us; last night they finally put the trailer out.

The trailer shows off the Miku Emerald and Ruby Ruka modules as the two Vocaloids engage in a dance-off in World’s End Dancehall, as well as offer a brief taste of Pierretta Miku in the music video for Catfood.

We also get to see in action the new “Scratch” mechanic we detailed yesterday – when star-shaped targets overlap on star icons, tap the screen. The trailer notes that this mechanic is only present in the Vita version of the game and not the PS3 one, for obvious reasons.

As a bonus, Sega has also put up a “How to Play” movie for the English version of Miku Flick:

Source: ANN



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