For 7,140 yen (~S$110), this Fate/Zero alarm clock will summon the dignified voices of Fate/Zero’s Archer (CV: Tomokazu Seki) and Rider (CV: Akio Ohtsuka) to wake you up for a glorious start to your day, every morning.

This image – possibly a scan from a magazine – appeared on the Internet earlier today courtesy of an anonymous Japanese forum-goer. Fan reactions to the alarm clock have been rather mixed:

“If only the clock featured Saber and Airi instead… I’d buy it right away.”

“That sure is one pompous way of waking oneself up, lol.”

“I’d buy it if it were Gil instead… Berserker would have been good too!”

“Woah, do want!”

“How flatulent! I’ll take one!”

“What the heck… sure, judge me or whatever but I really want one! Although the price is a little much…”

The Fate/Zero Archer/Rider alarm clock will go on sale in Japan this summer. Speciality shops in Japan should be accepting pre-orders any time now.

Source: Yaraon


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