The OP and ED for anime series AKB0048 – “Kibou ni Tsuite” and “Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru” respectively – will be released on August 1 in the form of a maxi-single that will also include a brand new song performed by No Name, a special unit composed of members from AKB48, NMB48 and SKE48 who were picked for roles in the anime series.

Two versions of the maxi-single will be available. Type-A has the members of No Name on its CD jacket, and its first-print DVD will feature the music video and making-of footage for “Kibou ni Tsuite”.

Type-B, on the other hand, has an AKB0048 illustration on its jacket. The first-print DVD for this will contain an animated music video and come packed with one of nine character AR cards (chosen at random).


AKB0048 takes place in a futuristic universe where an interplanetary war has broken out, and Earth has been severely damaged leading to humanity’s migration onto other planets. Life on these new planets are spartan at best, and society has deemed fit to ban things that “disturb the heart”, such as music and art, from the general public. Some 48 years last humanity settles into this dystopian future, an interplanetary troupe known as AKB0048 – modelled after the legendary idol group AKB48 – appears and attempts to spread their music across the galaxy.

The cast of characters in AKB0048 features a mix of real-life AKB48 members, as well as fictional ones. Interestingly, all the real-life AKB48 members are voiced by well-known seiyuu, while the fictional characters are voiced by real AKB48 members.

The first volume of AKB0048 the anime series on Blu-Ray and DVD will go on sale June 27 for 2,100 yen, containing a diretor’s cut of the first episode (28 minutes) and a reel of special footage (39 minutes) including video from the auditions for anime roles.

Source: LisAni


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