The new Final Fantasy pre-E3 announcement we reported on a couple of hours back is probably a big bogus. Nevertheless, in some strange fit of coincidence, Square Enix has indeed unveiled a new Final Fantasy game. Except this one is for the iOS, entitled “Final Fantasy Dimensions”.

According to Joystiq, Final Fantasy Dimensions will be available for Android devices too, even if the official website appears to be keeping mum on that front, for no good reason. In a statement from Square Enix’s pre-E3 press release:

“Drawing upon the roots of the series with such features as beautiful 2D pixel art, job-driven character growth, additional scenarios in which to inherit the jobs of your adventuring companions, and a classic story of light, darkness, and crystals, FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS delivers the best of FINAL FANTASY, retro and fresh alike, directly to your smartphone.”

That description doesn’t really tell us anything. The logo, on the other hand, tells everything as Joystiq’s JC Fletcher has cleverly made a connection between FF Dimensions and Final Fantasy Legends: The Warriors of Light and Dark:, a mobile game previously released in Japan for iMode and EZmode feature phones. This wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese game maker has refreshed an older feature phone game and re-release it for smartphone owners.

We don’t know a single thing about FF Dimensions. FF Legends, on the other hand, has plenty of details illustrated on its official website – so we’ll tell a few things about that game instead (which is most likely the same game). Here’s what you need to know:

– Made by members of the Japanese Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II in the US) team.

– Was episodic in its previous incarnation on the feature phone (it may not be so for this smartphone retelling).

– Old-school Final Fantasy gameplay, with 2D sprites and a Job system that lets you learn abilities by accumulating AP through battles. Equipping certain combinations of job abilities may allow you to learn Fusion Abilities.

– Has a crap-load of characters:

For more information on FF Legends, head over to Wired where they’ve got a preview of the game from way back in 2010.

Source: Joystiq, Wired



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