When Hatsune Miku Project Diva F comes out for the PS Vita in August, it won’t feature any of the songs from Project Diva 2nd Extend (PSP). That’s because all the songs and modules in F will be brand new to the series. So what if you want to see songs from Extend performed by everyone’s favourite virtual idol in HD? Does this mean you’re out of luck?

Nope. As it turns out, you’ll get your wish granted later this year, when the Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theatre Extend app comes out on the PS3.

Dreamy Theatre Extend is not exactly a game per se. You’ll need a copy of the Project Diva 2nd Extend fired up on your PSP and connected to the PS3 via USB for it to work. Your pre-existing save data can be transferred back and forth.

There’s already been two Dreamy Theatre apps on the PS3 previously, but thus far none of them are compatible with 2nd Extend, technically the third PSP game in the series. That’s because each Dreamy Theatre app is designed to work only with a specific version of the PSP rhythm-action series – the first Dreamy Theatre for Project Diva, Dreamy Theatre 2nd for Project Diva 2nd.

Here’s a scan from this week’s Famitsu magazine listing some of the songs featured in Dreamy Theatre Extend:

Source: Sinobi


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