Two new bosses and scarf transformations for Malicious Rebirth, the PSN-only game port to PS Vita has been revealed today. I’m sure players of the PS3 version would gladly welcome the two new transformations, one allows you to transform your scarf/cloak into a huge tornado looking object, which is said to be a hammer that can be used as a powerful ranged attack. You can store power by charging it to increase the attack rate.

The other turns it into a double-barrel cannon allowing you to shoot multiple magic bullets  at once. However, there is a catch, two new bosses are revealed as well, and as usual, you would have to kill them both to receive the two transformations.

One of the new bosses is a senior knight of a ruined country. Large machines covered in thick armour, his puppet soldiers line up with him in the battlefield ready to attack. Now it is time for you to fight him and avenge the others he have killed. He will be waiting in the “Triumph Square”, a tomb where many warriors who have died in battle are buried.

The second boss managed to become immortal by a formula it discovered that combines the art of numerology and magic of the prophets. It has fused the body of the spirit of righteousness with its own via a surgical procedure. This battle is fought in the basement of the old Shine temple city in the northern lands. It has previously been used to produce immortal soldiers.

From the look of the screenshots, this ain’t going to be an easy feat. Then again, how many of the Malicious bosses were actually easy? After spending hours attempting to kill the bosses, I’d say you might need some patience and a little quick thinking to get the two new ones down. Then again, the visuals are great, retaining the watercolour based feel seldom found in video games, I think the challenge of finally defeating the bosses and the visuals, would be my main reasons to pick up this game.

Source: Famitsu


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