Remember the raffle that will give one lucky winner the chance to bring the super cute Famima Miku home? Photos of the remaining prizes of the Happy Kuji have appeared on the Internet. Here are the details for the remaining prizes:

Prize C: Print of the original Hatsune Miku illustration by KEI.

Prize D: Mini Bolster cushions. 2 designs.

Prize E: Glasses. There are 3 designs but only one is shown on a glass. Illutration by CHAN X CO.

Prize F: Clear folders. It’s listed as 5 types but only 3 have been revealed.

Prize G: Original figure gift cards.

Last Prize: Original 3D poster, illustrated by KEI.

Unfortunately, these are only released for the raffle and tickets are only available at Family Marts in Japan.

Source: NekoMagic


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