Hatsune Miku roject Diva Dreamy Theatre Extend will support steroscopic 3D – a first for the series of PS3 apps – Sega announced today.

Stereoscopic 3D will only be supported during “PV Appreciation” mode and not during actual gameplay sequences, however, due to obvious reasons – you really don’t want the O and X markers to be projected in 3D as it could cause nausea (those of you who’ve watched movies in 3D with the subtitles on, will know exactly what I mean).

For the stereoscopic 3D to work, Sega says you will need a TV that supports it (get the PlayStation 3D display if you’re looking for a cheap one), and a HDMI cable that supports high-speed transfers (don’t go splurging on a high-end HDMI cable; just any regular cheap ones will do).

For more information on what Dreamy Theatre is, check out our previous story here.

Here’s a trailer for the original PSP game, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend:

Source: Shuukan Diva Station


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