So far five new songs have been unveiled through three trailers for Hatsune Miku Project Diva F. How many more songs to go? Plenty more, apparently, if a pamphlet for the game is to be believed.

The pamphlet claims in bold-faced font (bullet point number two) that all the songs and modules will be completely new.

Then, of course, in fine text it says that all the songs and modules are only new in the context of the Project Diva series. If a song has only been in Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai (3DS), recycling it for Project Diva is apparently fair game, live how we’ve seen last week when Famitsu described Melancholic as “a new song for the Project Diva series” (but already featured in Project Mirai, which I guess is not officially part of the series).

This is as opposed to Project Diva F’s inclusion of Himitsu Keisatsu, or “Secret Police”, which Famitsu said is “the first time any rhythm action game has featured the song” – Sega’s Music GunGun, Namco Bandai’s Taiko no Tatsujin and Konami’s Jubeat also features Vocaloid songs.

Well, that works for me. And just about everyone who’s miffed at Nintendo for region-locking the 3DS.

According to the pamphlet, even though all the songs and modules are new, the volume of content in Project Diva F will certainly not be paltry by any means,  relative to previous series entries.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F goes on sale in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and most other Asian territories on August 30. Check with your local retailer for pre-order details.

In the meantime, here’s some gameplay footage – over 10 minutes of gameplay, demonstrating everything from “scratching” to Chance Time changing things up in the PV – to tide you over:

Source: Hachima


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