Famous visual novel publishing company Visual Art’s is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with a host of exciting celebrations.

Publishing company of visual novel companies such as Key, Ocelot, Spray and 130cm Visual Art’s is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with a host of exciting events this coming July 29th at Yokohama Arena.

Formally named VA20周年記念イベント ・ ビジュアルアーツ大感謝祭り ・ Shift: Next ->Generation! - きみとかなでるあしたへのうた -. Losely translated, it means: Visual Art’s 20th Anniversary Commemoration Event ・Visual Art’s Big Thanks Festival ・Shift: Next -> Generation! – The Song Played Together With You For the Future -.

The event includes a live concert and sales event but in short it can be said to be a Visual Art’s themed festival.

Other then the concert, the event will host a series of galleries, depicting the colourful paths of VA’s 20 years of glory. Namely,

  • 『ビジュアルアーツ20年の記念品展示』  – Exhibit of Visual Art’s 20 Year Commemoration Mementos
  • 『スタッフのアイデアがつまった面白コーナー』   – Corner Jammed Pack with Staffs’ Interesting Ideas
  • 『VAキャラクター全展示』  – Full Display of all VA Characters
  • 『スタッフ仕事部屋再現』  – Reconstruction of Staff Workroom
  • 『希少原画コーナー』  –  Corner of Rare Original Artworks
  • 『記念イラスト展示会』   – Commemorative Illustration Exhibit

There will also be exclusive merchandise on sale at the event including Live Goods, Event Exclusive merchandise, Hight Tier Commemorative Goods (laptops and giant LCD panels), Fun Sets and Special CD with Phamplets.

Exclusive performance of club remix label OTSU will also be performing on site from 10am – 3pm. Entrance is free.


Page 1 – Description of Festival, goods and OTSU
Page 2 – I’ve + Key Sounds Label/ Kaori Utatsuki/ Mami Kawada/ KOTOKO
Page 3 – C.G mix/ Eriko Shimamiya/ Larval Stage Planning
Page 4 – Miyako Suzuta/ eufonius/ Rita/ NanosizeMir
Page 5 – Lia/ Aoi Tada/ marina/ LiSA and other details

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