As the event closes in, more artistes have been updated for VA 20th anniversary concert: Chata, karuta and Ayaka Kitazawa!

Recently updated on Visual Art’s 20th Anniversary commemoration event website, 3 artistes have joined the event.

As previously reported, famous visual novel publishing company Visual Art’s is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. Along with it’s various activities and promotions such as their 20th anniverary game 「Hatsukoi 1/1」, Visual Art’s is holding it’s massive celebration event at Yokohama Arena on the 29th of July 2012. This live concert features the many vocal talents from it’s subsidiaries I’ve Sound and Key Sound Label including Mami Kawada, KOTOKO, Lia, LiSA and euphonius.

For more information about the event, visit here and here.

On June 22nd, along with announcing the news that the live would be available to niconico live viewers via net ticket, the official event website also updated the singing artistes for the concert Visual Art’s Big Thanks Festival ・ Shift: Next -> Generation!

For local fans who would want a seat in niconico live may visit their website here.

Joining the celebrations will be Chata (KSL), karuta (I’ve) and Ayaka Kitazawa.


Chata is a singer born in the Fukushima prefacture, born on Noevember 21st. Blessed with an outstanding voice quality, Chata captivated many during her short screentime during both Key Sound Label Lives in 2008 and 2010  (The writer’s personal experience would attest to that).

Her talents have been recognized from a long time ago by her works and activities as a doujin singer and performer. She is mainly responsible for many anime and game opening themes and ending themes including her rendition of 「Nagisa’s theme」 into a vocal song, 「Dango Daikazoku」 from the hit TV Anime 「CLANNAD: After Story」.

Recently, she has worked on Visual Art’s 20th anniversary visual novel, 「Hatsukoi 1/1」. She sings the image song of character Yukino Morino titled 「Otome Kami Try-Angle」.

Readers can visit her blog here.


karuta is a female singer who has a long and rich history in the performing arts. At first the star actor of opera 「Yuzuru」, she was then approached to perform the musical 「Aoi Tori」 sponsored by TEPCO in 1997. She began writing songs the year after.

karuta released her first album in 2007 and has subsequently been involved in live performances and album contributions ever since. She is currently a member of  singing group Veil and is very active in their appearances as well.

During 2010, karuta performed the insert song 「Ichiban no Takara Mono」 for hit TV Anime 「Angel Beats!」

Readers can visit her website here.

Ayaka Kitazawa

A recently discovered talent by Shinji Orito, she has few prior works. Kitazawa has performed a special version of Visual Art’s 20th anniversary commemoration song  『Orpheus~Kimi to Kanaderu Ashita he no uta~』 .


A great piece of news for SGCafe readers is that we will be covering the event as much as possible, on site! Yes, SGCafe will be visiting the event on July 29th itself! Do look forward to our coverage of the event!

Source: VA20 Official website


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