Behold: Agni’s Philosophy, a real-time tech demo powered by Square Enix’s Luminous Studio engine. This is what a next-gen Final Fantasy could look like.

For now, Agni’s Philosophy is just a tech demo (like the Final Fantasy 7 PS3 tech demo that never materialised as a full game). But it may turn into a full-fledged game some day – that’ll depend on what you make of it.

Over at Square Enix’s site for the tech demo, there is a survey you can fill up; Square Enix would like to know if you found the heroine Agni and the world depicted in the tech demo appealing, as well as any other impressions or thoughts you might have.

The site also offers some stills from the demo, and – if you’re a top-notch programmer/CG artist – a banner at the bottom reveals that Square Enix is hiring. Or you could just go to the recruitment page from here.



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