Bandai is on a roll today, after announcing their new [email protected] game for the PSP they have just announced that they will be selling Idolmaster themed jelly on their Premium Bandai shopping site.

There will be 12 flavors representing the the characters. They are :


  • Haruka : Apple
  • Miki : Pear
  • Chihaya : Blueberries
  • Makoto : Passion Fruit
  • Yayoi : Orange
  • Yukiho : Plum
  • Ami/Mami : Pineapple
  • Iori : Melon
  • Hibiki : Lime
  • Azusa : Grape
  • Ritsuko : Kiwi
  • Takane : Mango



With each jelly bought, BandaiNamco is giving away a serial code that allows the user to call in to a voice service, which the user is able to listen to the voice of the characters from the [email protected] series of games.  They promise that it will all be new content, and that all of  the girls will have their own original dialog and story.  The character will change their dialog according to the user’s responses to the users dialog over the phone.

The jellies will cost 3150Yen each(Exclude shipping/handling). Pre-order of the Jelly starts today until it is sold out. The expected delivery date will be in August 2012.

The [email protected] franchise has been stepping up ever since its proper anime adaptation was broadcast in Summer 2011. New games has since been made for the PS3, XBox360 and the PSP and have gathered a very decent sales record.


Source : Premium Bandai


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