BandaiNamco has announced that they will be coming out with a new SD Gundam Generation game for the PSP

SD Gundam Generation Overworld will be out on sale on 27th September 2012 for the PSP.

It will feature the following series :

Gundam 0079/MSV/MSX/08MS Team/MSIGLOO Series/Blue Destiny/Zeonic Front/War in a pocket/Z-MSV/Sentinel
Battle Field Record U.C. 0081/Stardust Memory/Zeta/Advance of Z/Zeta A new translation/Double Zeta
Char’s Counterattack/CCA-MSV/M-MSV/UC/UC-MSV/Hardway’s Glory(?)/F91/F91-MSV/Crossbone Series/Victory
G Gundam/Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz/Gundam Wing G-Unit/Gundam X/Gundam Seed/Seed-MSV/Astray/X Astray
Seed Destiny/Destiny-MSV/StarGazer/Gundam OO(S1&2)/Awakening of the Trailblazer/OOP/OOF/OOV
Gundam Age/Gunpla Builders Beginning G/Gundam Secret Weapons Phantom Blade/Turn A Gundam
and many more.

There will be a new Master Skill system where the leader units can use. Examples are :
Tension up, Map heals, 100% dodge chance(SD Gundam games has a normal maximum dodge of 95%), Gundam Killer(Gundam Units take more damage), Awaken(Units that finished their movement can move again).


SD Gundam Generation Overworld will be out on sale on the 27th June 2012 at the retail price of 6280 Yen.

The G Gundam Franchise is a series of S-RPG games that features super deformed models from many different gundam series. It has over 20 games in the series across a wide series of platforms from the Super Famicom to the PSP. Players are drawn towards its S-RPG genre that features Mobile Suits/Armors from different gundam series.


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