Although the PS Vita version will undoubtedly be the definitive Street Fighter X Tekken experience on portables when it comes out later this year, it appears that Capcom is nevertheless looking into more ways to get a version of this controversial crossover fighter into gamers’ hands.

At E3 they’ve silently brought out a demo for an iOS adaptation, likely using the event as an opportunity to gauge interest (like what Sega is doing).

According to Famitsu, Capcom currently does not have plans to release Street Fighter X Tekken iOS. Yet. This is only a tech demo. But if it does come out, Street Fighter X Tekken would be the fourth Capcom fighting game to be ported over to the iOS, following Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, and Marvel vs Capcom 2.


The tech demo shown at E3 only allows you to play as Ryu and Kazuya on one team, and Chun-Li and Nina on the other, boys-versus-girls style.

Judging from the YouTube video above, SFxTK on iOS controls very similarly to Street Fighter IV Volt, with a virtual joystick on the bottom-left corner of the screen, and four buttons – Punch, Kick, Special (SP), and Switch (denoted by a giant “X”) – on the bottom right. And just like in SF4 Volt, each character’s special moves can be performed using easy commands (SP button plus a specific direction). As an example, pressing or holding down the SP button with no directional input when playing as Ryu will result in a Hadouken. But if you hold forward on the virtual joystick and hit SP, a Shoryuken will be unleashed instead.

What do you think, should Capcom release an iOS version of Street Fighter X Tekken? How much would you pay for it?

Source: Famitsu


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