A DVD and Blu-ray of the Persona Music Live 2012 event held on April 8 at the Tokyo International Forum will be released August 22. It will be released in two editions – the normal edition (only available for DVD) and the completely limited production edition.

The DVD and Blu-ray’s length is two and a half hours long consisting of 29 songs played live, some of which are from the various Persona games while others are new songs composed for upcoming releases. New anime footage previewed at the event will also be included the disc.

Artists that participated in the concert include:
• Yumi Kawamura – “Persona 3″/ “Persona 3 Fes”/ “Persona Trinity Soul”/ Anime “Persona 4”
• Lotus Juice – “Persona 3″/ “Persona 3 Fes”/ “Persona Trinity Soul”/ “Anime “Persona 4”
• Shihoko Hirata – “Persona 4″/ Anime “Persona 4”
• Shuhei Kita – “Persona Trinity Soul”/ “Persona 3 Portable”
• Shoji Megura (Index)

The completely limited production edition will include an additional CD with the songs:
1.「Reach Out To The Truth」
2.「key plus words」
3.「Beauty of Destiny」
4.「We Are One and All」
5.「The Way of Memories-キズナノチカラ-」

The normal edition (DVD) is priced at 4,725 yen and the completely limited production edition for DVD and Blu-ray is priced at 5,250 yen and 6,300 yen respectively, all of these versions can be preordered through AmiAmi.

Source: PersonaLive


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