Maybe you’re one of those lucky sods who managed to score a Type-Moon Fes ticket before they were completely sold out.

Or maybe you weren’t so lucky, but will be visiting Tokyo with friends or family anyway, between now and July 16.

In either case, if you’re even mildly familiar with Type-Moon’s excellent, excellent work, then make sure you swing by the 7th floor of the Gamers store in Akihabara.

That’s where Banpresto is currently holding a special Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Commemorative Museum at, which has on exhibit all the cool swag you’ll be able to purchase during Type-Moon Fes itself.

Although you can buy a great deal of merchandise at the museum itself, you won’t be able to buy everything you see. Some of the items are purely for exhibition only, as they’re not even on sale yet.

The exhibition, Banpresto Prezents Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Commemorative Museum in Gamers (バンプレストプレゼンツ TYPE-MOON 10周年記念ミュージアム in GAMERS), officially opened its doors to customers last Friday.

While we couldn’t be there, could. So go over to their site for a photo-filled coverage – but before you do, here are a few of our favourites (more at their site):



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