Location tests for Project Diva Arcade ver.B starts today! But just because ver.B is in the works, doesn’t mean that Sega has abandoned ver.A.

Quite the contrary, in fact: today they’ve unveiled four new songs that’ll be added on June 14.

The first two songs are from Project Diva Extend on the PSP, while the other two are a first for the series.


In the order they appear from the trailer above:

☆結んで開いて羅刹と骸 (Musunde Hiraite Ratsetsu to Mukuro)
Music, Lyrics and Jacket picture designed by ハチ (Hachi)


☆番凩 (Tsugai Kogarashi)
Music, Lyrics and Jacket picture designed by 仕事してP (ShigotoshiteP)


☆Gothic and Loneliness ~I’m the very DIVA~
Music & Lyrics by なるしまたかし (Narushimatakashi)
Movie & Illustration by 桜羽りん (Rin Sakuraba)


Music by しばいぬ (Shiba Inu) / Lyrics by 綾取り (Ayatori)
Movie & Illustration by RefinedDium

The songs will be added to Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade ver.A Revision 4 June 14.

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Source: Shuukan Diva Station


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