Project Diva Arcade ver.A has seen numerous revisions over the years, adding everything from new songs and modules, to tiny system tweaks like a volume control for sound effects. But now it’s finally time for publisher Sega to begin work on a major update – ver.B – which will be on location testing from June 8 in three Tokyo arcades (Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku).

If you’re planning on heading to the location test, do note that your existing Project Diva Arcade IC cards will not work with this version (not yet, anyway).

What’s new in ver.B?

So far the biggest additions are:

– A rival system that lets you see a friend’s highest scores during song selection

– The ability to take screenshots during PV viewing mode and send them to your PC through

– Random select for songs and modules

– Automatic post-on-Twitter functionality, whenever you’ve accomplished specific conditions (optional, of course)

Oh, and quite a few in-game cosmetic changes.

There’s also a brand new cabinet design – this time done by Tripshots, a CG artist and renowned Vocaloid producer.

Note: during the location tests, ver.B will be running on ver.A cabinets.


Rival functionality

Ver.B players will be able to register a friend as his/her rival on, subject to the rival player’s approval.

Once registered, your rival’s best scores will be displayed during song selection, loading screens, and within the portal.


Screenshots during PV Appreciation mode

During PV Appreciation mode you will now be able to take screenshots by hitting the O button (portraiture orientation), or holding down the X button and pressing the O button (landscape).

Screenshots can be sent to and subsequently downloaded as a wallpaper.


Random select

For modules, you can set each individual one to be “all random” or “random [insert Vocaloid name here] module”. You’ll see the option to do so when you go into the modules menu.

Songs-wise, you’ll see it somewhere on the song-select roulette. A “Song of Random Select” tune will be played when this option is highlighted.


“Excellent” clear evaluation

I could be wrong, but I believe there already is an “Excellent” rating in Project Diva on the PSP; and now this will be added to Project Diva Arcade. “Excellent” lies between “Perfect” and “Great”.

To attain an “Excellent” rating, you’ll need at least 80% accuracy for Easy, 85% for Normal, 90% for Hard, and 95% for Extreme.

Twitter functionality

No images for this, but you can link your Twitter account to Project Diva Arcade through, which will allow automatic tweets whenever you accomplish something amazing in the game.


Some other minute details include new BGMs for various screens – such as when you’re inserting your coins.

So, Project Diva fans, what do you make of ver.B so far? Is this upgrade something you’d like to see in Singapore (or your country) when it’s released?

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Source: Shuukan Diva Station 


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