Can’t get enough of Odds&Ends, the opening theme to Hatsune Miku Project Diva F produced by Ryo (Supercell)? Soon you’ll be able to own it on CD.

Sega announced today that Odds&Ends will receive a CD single release under the Sony Music Direct label, to go on sale August 29. That’s one day before the game itself!

Odds&Ends may or may not be a split-single CD release, like the previous two Project Diva opening theme CD singles. Although Sega did not exactly announce this on the Hatsune Miku blog, Famitsu brings word that the other song contained in this CD release will be a yet-to-be-named kz/livetune song.

We think this is most likely Weekender Girl, which was unveiled alongside Odds&Ends in Project Diva F’s third PV last week. But it could just as easily be another new track from the talented producer, who’s best known for the Google X Hatsune Miku CM song Tell Your World.

Just in case you missed last week’s trailer, here it is again (jumps right to Odds&Ends and Weekender Girl):


Odds&Ends is the third Project Diva opening theme in a row that Ryo, songwriter and leader of the J-Pop group Supercell, has worked on.

Previously Ryo also composed the themes for Project Diva 2nd and Project Diva Extend, Kocchi Muite Baby (こっち向いて Baby) and Sekiranun Graffiti (積乱雲グラフィティ), respectively. Famitsu notes that it’s been about a year since fans last saw the “ryo(supercell) feat. 初音ミク” namesake.

The Odds&Ends single or split-single CD will be sold in a normal edition (CD only) for 1,050 yen, as well as two limited ed packages that bundle a Hatsune Miku GraFig along with your choice of CD+BluRay (1,995 yen) or CD+DVD (1,785 yen).

Jacket illustrations for both normal and limited editions were done by manga artist Atsuya Uki (who wrote, designed, directed and animated the 2009 animated sci-fi anime film Cencoroll).

Here’s the jacket cover for the normal edition:

And this is the one for the limited edition:

Again, both the normal and limited editions of Odds&Ends will go on sale in Japan August 29.


New Hatsune Miku Project Diva F box-art 

As a bonus, Sega has also shared an updated design of the Hatsune Miku Project Diva F box-art – they did mention before that the previous design was a work in progress and could be subject to change… Or so they claim, I don’t recall if they actually did (seriously, PjD team, make up your damn mind already).

Well, the box art’s final now (I think). Can you tell what’s been changed from the previous design?

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Source: Famitsu, Shuukan Diva Station 


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