More details on the recently revealed THE [email protected] Shiny Festa!

Idol producing video and arcade game THE [email protected] (or [email protected]) franchise has just revealed its new instalment Shiny Festa via Famitsu magazine a while ago. Reported yesterday exclusively on Famitsu online, more details of the game has also just been revealed!

Players once again reprise the role of the Producer, in charge of grooming lovely idols to the top!

As previously reported all 13 idols are split into 3 different versions, Honey Sound, Funky Note and Groovy Tunes as below:

▼『Honey Sound』 Members
Chihaya Kisaragi (如月千早) (16 years old)(VA: Imai Asami)
Haruka Amami (天海春香)(17 years old)(VA: Eriko Nakamura)
Akitsuki Ritsuko (秋月律子)(19 years old)(VA: Naomi Wakabayashi)
Azusa Miura (三浦あずさ)(21 years old)(VA: Chiaki Takahashi)

▼『Funky Note』 Members
Hibiki Ganaha (我那覇響)(16 years old)(VA: Manami Numakura)
Yayoi Takatsuki (高槻やよい)(14 years old)(VA: Mayako Nigo)
Ami Futami, Mami Futami (双海亜美・真美)(13 years old)(VA: Asami Shimoda)
Iori Minase (水瀬伊織)(15 years old)(VA: Rie Kugimiya)

▼『Groovy Tunes』 Members
Miki Hoshii (星井美希) (15 years old)(VA: Akiko Hasegawa)
Yukiho Hagiwara (萩原雪歩)(17 years old)(VA: Azumi Asakura)
Takane Shijou (四条貴音)(18 years old)(VA: Yumi Hara)
Makoto Kikuchi (菊地 真)(17 years old)(VA: Hiromi Hirata)

■ New Presentation of Idols

With the addition of a big portion of  TV Anime 『The [email protected]』 songs, a new song 『MUSIC♪』 will be the theme song of Shiny Festa. Along with traditional [email protected] style stage performances, there will be multiple modes of music clip presentations.

■ Live Performance Style
Live stage performance with direction according to the Producer’s game performance (The traditional [email protected] MV style).

■ Anime Style
Extracting famous scenes from TV Anime 『The [email protected]』 and re-edited to fit the music.

■ Drama Style
Music video with slice of life videos to compliment, just like a real life MV.

■ Band Style
MV with the idols as band members.

■ Bite-size Rhythm Games

Similar to other rhythm games like 『Hatsune Miku: Project Diva』, there will be rhythm games for players to enjoy. By pressing the corresponding buttons at the right timing. As you time the buttons right, the song will increase in tempo, and so will the fanbase and support for your idols.


Excited fans need not fret! The new Trial Deck for Weiβ Schwarz for THE [email protected] will also be released soon on July 14th!

Featuring the TV anime 「THE [email protected]」 artwork, the new add-on for the Weiβ Schwarz [email protected] Neo-standard will be released in coming months!

The Trial Deck will be a great starting deck for eager producers not yet into the game! Each Trial Deck includes 50 pre-determined cards, with a 1/6 possibility to get either 2 types of variant foils or a Eriko Nakamura (Haruka Amami) signed card.

The booster boxes of TV Anime THE [email protected] Weiβ Schwarz will also be released on August 4th 2012. Eager producers can pre-order from your closest Bushiroad card game merchant now!

More Information will be announced soon.

Source: Famitsu


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