Fans of K-On! would be excited to find out of a very interesting collaboration between spectacle maker Zoff and the Movie version K-On!.

This coming summer, K-On! fans will be able to wear glasses representing their favourite characters from K-On! in the near future.

Earlier today, Movie version K-On! and Zoff will collaborate and create spectacle frames on sale July 20th this year. These spectacles will be on sale at the Zoff Online Store and TBSishop.

There will be a grand total of 6 spectacle frame variants, one each for each character. Each package will include 1 set of spectacle frame, a pair of non-degree lenses for those who  do not require any eyesight correction, 1 mini “megane charm”, a spectacle cleaning cloth, as well as a spectacle box to enclose everything.

The producers wish to re-create Nodoka Manabe’s signature red spectacles to the highest accuracy, so as to bring the highest level of realism and likeliness to the original work.

Needless to say that fans of K-On! and it’s characters will wish to own a set of these attractive spectacles, as well as enthusiastic Manabe cosplayers wishing for the highest accuracy.

Who doesn’t want a pair of Azunyan glasses?

More details to be announced later.


Source: Mynavi News


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