Artist Sou Miyata was officially dismissed from his position at animation production company Ixtl on the 10th of June. Ixtl’s press release states that the artist will not have any further involvement with the company, and does not give a specific reason for dismissal. Ixtl, a new animation start up, is in charge of producing the upcoming anime “Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse”.

Several Japanese blogs have reported that promotional artwork and dakimakura covers by this artist have been found to be exact traces from other series.

Note the near-identical poses, completely matching models, and the shadow application on both the Infinite Stratos character and Muv-Luv’s. Not only is the body shape outline an obvious trace in the case of the Muv-Luv character, the shadows used are exactly the same, with only tiny changes and color swaps.

Not just satisfied with tracing for promotional material, the artist apparently has also done the same thing for art that is to be used for a dakimakura.

In this case, the artist has used Polyphonica’s crimson-haired character Corticarte as the trace subject. Her adult form was traced over and used for the Muv-Luv dakimakura on the left. In this case however, there are slightly more discrepancies between the two, and generally most people wouldn’t notice it. The poses used are completely identical, however the shadows are not exact. Some may argue that instead of this being a direct trace, it may have been a quick sketch duplicate of Corticarte being used as the base of the Muv-Luv character.

More detailed comparisons are present below:


Sources: Yaraon, ANN, SeventhStyle


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