Recently leaked magazine photo reveals new games for THE [email protected] franchise, Shiny Festa.


In a very recent leaked photograph of the latest Famitsu magazine, a new THE [email protected] game is going to be released under the PSP gaming console under 3 different versions.

Much like their previous venture, the idols are split into 3 different versions to accommodate all 13 idols. Currently, only preliminary details are out but no concrete gameplay details and release dates have been announced.

So far, the three different versions are listed below with minimal details:

  • Unknown release date ■PSP:「アイドルマスター シャイニーフェスタ ハニーサウンド」 「IDOLMASTER Shiny Festa Honey Sound」
  • Unknown release date ■PSP:「アイドルマスター シャイニーフェスタ ファンキーノート」 「IDOLMASTER Shiny Festa Funky Note」
  • Unknown release date ■PSP:「アイドルマスター シャイニーフェスタ グルーヴィーチューン」 「IDOLMASTER Shiny Festa Groovy Tune」

The game will feature songs from the TV anime THE [email protected] From the screenshots observed, the game will likely have gameplay similar to 「Theatrhythm Final Fantasy」 and 「Hatsune Miku: PROJECT DIVA」. Below are the idols’ participating divisions:

  • <Honey Sound> Chihaya Kisaragi (如月千早)/Haruka Amami (天海春香)/Ritsuko Akitsuki (秋月律子)/Azusa Miura (三浦あずさ)
  • <Funky Note> Yayoi Takatsuki (高槻やよい)/Hibiki Ganaha (我那覇響)/Iori Minase (水瀬伊織)/Ami Futami, Mami Futami (双海亜美・真美)
  • <Groovy Tune> Miki Hoshii (星井美希/Yukiho Hagiwara (萩原雪歩)/Makoto Kikuchi (菊地真)/Takane Shijou (四条貴音)

Local fans should be able to pre-order their copy off local game shops via special order, or pre-order directly from online merchants such as amiami and Playasia when they open.

It is likely that most players will eventually buy all 3 games as apparently, all 3 versions of the game contains different instrumentals for every song in the game.


Source: Shinobi Blog


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