Suntory International, the holder for the licence to Pepsi in Japan is doing a tie-up with Gundam Front Tokyo and will be releasing 8 different specially designed cans to commemorate the event.



The cans will feature mobile suits from the series “Gundam 0079”, such as the “RX-78-2 Original Gundam” and the “MS-06S Char’s Custom Zaku II” and many more. The full list are as follows :

1. RX-78-2 Gundam
2. RX-77-2 Guncannon
3. RX-75 Guntank
4. SCV-70 White Base
5. MS-06F Zaku II Mass produced
6. MS-06S Zaku IIS(Char’s Custom)
8. MS-07B Gouf(Not a Zaku)
9. MS-09 Dom

The cans are will be sold until the 7th August at the price of 115Yen.

Source : Narinari


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