We still don’t know when – if ever – Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise will finally make its way to the PS Vita. In the meantime if you’re looking for some solid 4-player co-op giant monster-slaying action, check out Game Arts‘s Ragnarok Odyssey. From the makers of Lunar: Silver Star Story and the Grandia RPG series.

In Ragnarok Odyssey, you take up one of six different combat professions – Sword Warrior, Assassin, Cleric, etc – team up with other players (up to four in a group) and go on quests, fighting against mighty giants and various monsters – including creatures from Ragnarok Online – so as to “preserve peace in the human world”, according to the press release.

Although this game is set in the same universe as Ragnarok Online, the gameplay here is really more akin to Monster Hunter/God Eater/Phantasy Star Online 2.

SCE Asia announced this week that the English/Chinese edition of this Monster Hunter-inspired title – which comes with full online multiplayer support  – will launch later in Summer 2012, complete with all three expansion updates that Japanese version players currently enjoy.


The Japanese version of Ragnarok Odyssey has already been released in Asia (you can buy a digital copy on the PlayStation Store). Since its release, I’ve been hearing nothing but good things from folks who’ve been playing it here in Singapore, one of whom told me that a group of hardcore RO players used to meet up in Bedok almost every week for group play sessions back when the game did not have online multiplayer (this was added via the Expansion 1: MultiPlay Update patch).

Expansions 2 and 3 (“Sograt Desert Update” and “Epic Weapons Update” respectively) subsequently added new bosses, quests, maps, and various game balance changes. You can find the full list of update changes from this page here (Japanese only) – even if you can’t read the language, just scroll up down and look at how far the lists go; the sheer amount of additional content they’ve made for the game in these updates is just staggering.

Although the price and final release date for the English/Chinese edition of Ragnarok Odyssey has yet to be determined, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.


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