Namco Bandai’s Web stream of the “Next Tales of” reveal from the Tales of Festival event in Japan has begun. Like many have speculated since last night when the countdown timer on the teaser site hit zero and the “X” in “NEXT TALES OF…” began to glow, the new game is going to be Tales of Xillia 2 (TOX2).

Tales of Xillia 2 will be available for the PS3 Winter 2012.

The full 29-minute broadcast:



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When more details of the new game become available, we’ll update this post.

Come watch the stream with us here on this Justin.TV stream.

If you missed the broadcast, don’t worry, we’ll run through all the major details revealed for you here:

– Lead hero’s name is Rudgar Will Crusnik. He will be voiced by Takashi Kondo.

– The game will have quick-time events where you have to pick between two choices. Tales of series producer Hideo Baba said that he hopes this gives fans who play through the game multiple times something new to look forward to.

– Tales of Xillia 2 tales place about a year after the first TOX.

– The heroine, Elle Mel Marta is 8 years old. She will be played by Mariya Ise. She has a cat who travels with her, Lulu. When the host asks producer Baba if Lulu the cat will join in battles, Baba gave a coy reply.

– Battles will use the XDR-LMBS (Cross Double Raid – Linear Motion Battle System), and Rudgar’s specialty is something called Weapon Shift, which basically lets him change weapons in the middle of combat.

– Animation parts are done by Ufotable

– Ayumi Hamasaki will sing the theme song for Tales of Xillia 2!

– There will be a limited edition for the game featuring a specially designed PS3 controller.

– As usual, there will be an Ebtan/Famitsu DX pack special edition for Tales of Xillia 2. As to what it’ll contain, well, that’s not been decided yet.

– Namco Bandai will also be doing tie-ups with Marui-Wan (clothes and apparels) and Namco Namjatown (food).

– A Bandai Namco Live TV broadcast on June 27 will reveal details about a concrete release date, pricing, and pre-order bonuses.


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Until then, here’s our full screen-captures gallery (in case you want to take a closer look):

Additional reporting:

This set of screencaps show off the differences between the two choices in a quick-time event demonstrated during the broadcast. Rudgar and El are pinned down by an enemy soldier, and in one choice Rudgar fights back.

In the other, Rudgar surrenders to the enemy so that El may be able to escape.

Additional screencaps: Hachima


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